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Filicori Zecchini Forte Blend Art Graphic


Forte is a complex, intense and highly aromatic blend. It is full bodied and balanced, with notes of chocolate and a slight acidity. Its rich aroma is reminiscent of toasted grains, and it leaves behind a satisfying aftertaste. This blend is perfect for those who love a robust and dynamic coffee.

only the greatest origins

Brazil Origin Icon

Flowers, Toasted Bread,

Chocolate Cookies

Type: Arabica

Cultivar: Mundo Novo, Acaia, Catuai

Screen: 16/18

Region: Minas Gerais - Furnas Lake

Elevation Range: 900mt - 980mt

Processing Method: Natural

India Origin Icon

Dark Chocolate,


Type: Robusta

Cultivar: Parchment AB - PB

Screen: 15/16

Region: Karnataka

Elevation Range: 500mt - 900mt

Processing Method: Natural

Vietnam Origin Icon

Dark Chocolate,

Cinnamon, Wood

Type: Robusta

Cultivar: Grade 1

Screen: 18

Region: Lamdong, Daklak, Gialai

Elevation Range: 400mt - 1000mt

Processing Method: Vet Polished

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