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Iced Moka: the mouth-watering coffee dessert recipe

Iced Moka: the mouth-watering coffee dessert recipe

This cool coffee dessert is a mouth-watering multi-layered creation, where at every different level in the shot glass you can taste the flavors of the coffee cream and the chocolate, the crunchiness of the hazelnuts and at the end, the creaminess of the whipped cream with a light dusting of crushed hazelnuts.

Ingredients of the Iced Moka

The different levels of sweetness are made up of these ingredients:

– 1 oz of chocolate cream
– 1 3/4 oz of coffee cream
– Whole hazelnuts (to taste)
– 1 oz of fresh liquid cream
– Crushed hazelnuts (to taste)

Preparing this tasty coffee dessert

To prepare Iced Moka, you need to be armed with the right equipment and high quality raw materials. In this way the result will be perfect!

1) Take your serving glass and place the quantity of chocolate cream indicated on the bottom.

2) Add the coffee cream as a second layer, directly on top of the chocolate cream.

3) Take some whole hazelnuts and place them on top of the two layers described above.

You won’t need many, just enough to cover the surface area available.

4) Whip up the fresh cream and delicately cover the layer of hazelnuts, without overdoing it or squashing them into the coffee cream!

5) Finish off the whole procedure with a light dusting of crushed hazelnuts, to enrich it both visually and in terms of flavor and serve!

Coffee and chocolate together are good for you, the experts say so!

Everyone knows that the flavors of chocolate and coffee go particularly well together, but perhaps far fewer people know that these two ingredients, consumed together, are also extremely good for your health.

The study conducted by the researcher Ali Boolani of Clarkson University, together with a team of scholars at the University of Georgia, demonstrated that coffee together with chocolate increases productivity and concentration; furthermore, these ingredients help to stave off feelings of anxiety, tiredness and lack of energy.

The research, carried out over a long observation period of almost a year, monitored some “fortunate” volunteers who consumed chocolate, chocolate with coffee, caffeine without cocoa and a placebo without caffeine or cocoa; those participating in the experiment answered some questions aimed at evaluating the respondents’ mood and capacity to concentrate.

Their answers demonstrated that the typical effects of caffeine, such as anxiety, are lessened and softened if the caffeine is consumed with chocolate, which, in turn, produces endorphins.

What better excuse for trying Iced Moka straight away, studying it carefully and serving it to your customers?

If they ask you who recommends it, you can always answer, “scientists!”

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