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Mocaccino: the recipe for a delicious coffee drink

Mocaccino: the recipe for a delicious coffee drink

In Italy, when we talk of coffee, a whole universe opens up.

There are many drinks based on the classic espresso, combined with other flavors to bring to life unique concoctions.

One of these is the Mocaccino, a tasty hot drink which brings together coffee, cream and chocolate.

The Mocaccino recipe is easy to prepare and, in this post, we will give you all the steps you need to create the perfect one.

It will be simple to make this mini-delight and, with one sip, warm up any cold winter day. 

Mocaccino: a simple recipe 

The Mocaccino recipe is as simple as it is delicious.

More indulgent than a cappuccino or a caffè macchiato, the mocaccino blends the flavors of coffee, cream and chocolate together in a harmonious embrace which warms your heart  and invigorates you.

This drink is usually served in a  glass cup , a characteristic which allows the drinker to first savor with their eyes and then their palate. 

The difference between mocaccino and marocchino coffee. 

As we have already said, coffee can be used to create many variations.

Often we are talking about very subtle differences, and yet differences capable of giving each variety different and unusual touches.

The Mocaccino, for example, has many things in common with the Bicerin torinese, a traditional drink from the Piedmont capital, but above all it is frequently confused with the Marocchino coffee.

The latter, though, is distinct in that its recipe does not include the use of chocolate and cream like the Mocaccino, but instead uses cocoa powder and foamed milk.  

Mocaccino: the recipe

The Mocaccino recipe we are providing here is based on fresh cream, coffee and chocolate.

Like a fluffy cloud, the cream gives the drink the look of a small dessert; at the same time, it also gives the drink that touch of sweetness, mitigating the intense flavor of the other components, the coffee and the chocolate, in a magic mouth-watering combination. 

As we have already said, the Mocaccino is easy to prepare.

Before you start working on it though, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and right equipment to hand that you need to create it, especially the glass cup, which will allow your customer to enjoy this delicious creation first of all with their eyes and then with their taste-buds.

Let’s take a look at the equipment, components and method you will need to prepare this drink.  


  • 0.88 oz of chocolate topping 
  • 0.25 oz of Filicori Zecchini coffee powder 
  • 1.06 oz of liquid fresh cream 


  • 5.07 fl oz glass
  • 17.64 oz siphon 


  • Pour the cold chocolate cream onto the bottom of the serving glass, thus creating the first layer of deliciousness.
  • Then prepare the espresso directly on top of the layer of chocolate in the glass.
  • Whip the cream using the siphon and ease it delicately onto the surface of the coffee, like a fluffy cloud of sweetness: the coffee is now ready to be served.

A study has confirmed: coffee and chocolate help boost concentration 

A large proportion of coffee-based drinks are the result of two winning combinations: milk and coffee and chocolate and coffee.

In the case of milk, its delicateness tones down the decisive character of the coffee flavor; whereas in the case of chocolate, the two flavors blend in a surprising mix.

Which of you, for example, has never accompanied a cup of espresso with an inviting chocolate? 

The fact that these two elements represent the perfect marriage is certainly no huge surprise.

The good news, though, is that this association has recently been supported by a scientific study. 

In fact we have already talked to you about research conducted by the scholar Ali Boolani of Clarkson University in collaboration with other researchers at the University of Georgia, which demonstrates that the combination of cocoa and coffee is capable of increasing levels of attention and concentration.

During the study, lasting about one year, some subjects consumed fermented cocoa, cocoa with caffeine, caffeine without cocoa and a placebo without caffeine or cocoa.

Following this, the subjects took tests to evaluate their mood and their ability to concentrate.

The results showed that consuming a combination of cocoa and coffee increases levels of productivity and attention and, furthermore, that cocoa is able to alleviate the feelings of anxiety, which caffeine, when consumed on its own, can cause.  

Good news then, for all those who love this combination, and an extra reason for trying out the delicious Mocaccino recipe. 

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