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Mont Blanc: a sweet coffee-flavored peak to savor

Mont Blanc: a sweet coffee-flavored peak to savor

Do you love coffee but can’t give up the sweetness of the cream ?

The Mont Blanc, the mouth-watering espresso with only the foam part of the milk added and not the liquid, is the recipe for you.

Served in a glass cup (link) so you can see the color contrast between the black of the coffee and the light fluffy white of the cream, the Mont Blanc is perfect for giving yourself that tasty break at the bar or for a coup de theatre among friends. 

The ingredients of the Mont Blanc

The preparation is simple and quick, but for a perfect result you will need the right ingredients and equipment such as a glass cup measuring 5.28 fl oz and a milk jug measuring 12.32 fl oz. But first, you need these ingredients:

    • 0.25oz of ground coffee powder
    • 1.06 oz of fresh whole milk 
    • The Mont Blanc recipe 

      There are only three simple steps, but you have you be very careful if you want to prepare a Mont Blanc coffee with unbeatable creaminess:

      1. Prepare an espresso in the traditional way and pour it directly into the serving glass.
      2. Foam the milk in the milk jug, using the steaming arm of the espresso machine.
      3. Using a spoon to help you, ease the foamed milk onto the surface of the espresso, until you fill the glass to the top.
    1. The sumptuous variations on the Mont Blanc recipe

      Why settle for the sweetness of the cream when you can also add hazelnuts? Once you get to the last stage of the preparation we recommend sprinkling some crumbled hazelnuts carefully onto your “sweet” snowy mountain top.  

    2. Or alternatively, we recommend a little coffee powder sprinkled over the top of the cream peak.

      This way the coffee flavor is a double protagonist, both at the beginning …and at the end.

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