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Tea in the summer: here are 5 refreshing suggestions

Tea in the summer: here are 5 refreshing suggestions

The summer is the season of holidays, the sea or the mountains, light meals and high temperatures.

Your faithful companion during the hotter months is the right level of hydration which, according to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of health, means consuming more than 3.96 gallons of water a day; in order to vary and integrate the sources of liquids, we would like to suggest a selection of five refreshing teas to be consumed during the hottest days.

Why is it fundamental to stay hydrated in the summer?

It is important to remember that remaining hydrated is important at any time of year. Indeed the human body is mostly made up of water, which plays a fundamental role in transporting nutrients, helping digestion, thermoregulation and assisting the purification of the body.

This is why the Ministry of Health, in line with the guidelines proposed by the World Health Organization, highlights how an adult male should consume 6.6 gallons of water a day and an adult woman at least 5.28.

Furthermore, as can be seen on the Dicastero website, “in normal conditions, auto-regulation mechanisms and complex factors which determine the sensation of thirst help our bodies to absorb the correct level of water necessary to compensate for fluid loss, which take place continuously via processes like sweating, breathing and secretion of urine and feces.

The increased level of sweating in the summer means that in order to maintain the correct level of hydration in our bodies it is necessary to drink more than usual, taking care not to drink too much at meal times, and distribute the consumption of water or refreshing drinks throughout the rest of the day.

Drinking too much at meal times can actually be counterproductive, as it can compromise effective digestion.

So how should we be hydrating ourselves in the correct way?

One solution is to alternate water and other refreshing drinks, as long as they are free from added sugars, such as fruit smoothies, flavored waters, popsicles and also teas and infusions.

Refreshing teas for the summer, our advice

Summer teas have the advantage of being healthy, genuine and easy to prepare at home.

Furthermore, they allow you, not only to reintegrate the fluids lost, but also the mineral salts according to the ingredients used.

It is possible to vary the flavors, the important thing is not to exaggerate with the temperatures: drinking ice-cold drinks can actually have other risks such as problems with digestion.

How to prepare refreshing teas and infusions

The preparation of cold teas and infusions is basically the same as that for preparation of the hot versions; the tricks you need don’t change: it is fundamental to pay close attention to the temperature of the infusion which must be very precise, or at least as close as possible to that indicated by the producer, and respect the times indicated in the preparation.

Once this first phase has been completed, the advice is to leave the drink to cool, even just to room temperature and then serve it with ice according to taste.

So now let’s take a look at our 5 suggestions.

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