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What does it mean if you dream about coffee according to the Smorfia Napoletana

What does it mean if you dream about coffee according to the Smorfia Napoletana

The city of Naples and its inhabitants have a very strong tie with coffee. As many of you will know, another passion the Neapolitans have is the Neapolitan Cabala (a way of fortune telling using numbers, images and dreams), in which dreams are interpreted via the book of  “La Smorfia” and each one is associated with a number that you should use to play the lottery with to try your luck. Obviously coffee also has its own respectful place in this book; today we are going to explain to you what it means to dream about coffee and which numbers are associated with it. 

Neapolitan Cabala: what it means to dream about coffee “La Smorfia”

The book of “La Smorfia” takes its name from Morfeo, the Greek God of sleep, and derives from the Jewish Cabala, a centuries old mystic tradition according to which reality is nothing more than a series of symbols to be deciphered. 

Today the words of the Smorfia Napoletana bring together both ancient and modern opinions. Besides the famous meanings of the 90 numbers used in the tombola, the Smorfia contains almost 100,000 objects, actions or places that could crop up in our dreams.

Each one has a number associated with it from 1 to 90 and in some cases the book also explains how to interpret dreams. 

Smorfia Napoletana: what it means if you dream about coffee

Coffee appears dozens of times in the Smorfia Napoletana.

The meaning of the dreams connected to this drink are numerous and linked to a series of small details which can make the difference between a dream that is a good or not so good omen.  

The dreams and symbolism relating to coffee are connected to the real sensations that this drink inspires: symbols of conviviality, friendship and pleasure, even sexual connotations, coffee has a strong social association. Furthermore, dreams about coffee can be characterized by a strong sense of smell, inspired by those we experience when really drinking it. But what do they mean? 

  • If you have dreamt about drinking a coffee, for example, it means that your life is going well, if you are drinking it with other people though, you may be looking for more attention and stimulating human relationships.  
  • If you have dreamt about drinking coffee in a private place, like someone’s home, you need to dedicate time to yourself, to make yourself feel pampered.  
  • If you have dreamt about preparing yourself a coffee, you want to appear full of energy and its very likely that you are going through a period of reflection. 
  • Dreaming of preparing a coffee for someone can mean that you are interested in that person and you want to take care of them, via special gestures.  It may even be interpreted as a sexual interest. 
  • If, however, you have dreamt of pouring coffee into a cup or offering it to someone, then the dream is connected to a sexual significance and to physical pleasure.

Caffeomanzia: predicting the future by reading coffee grounds

Perhaps not everyone knows that, besides the interpretation of dreams concerning this drink, there is also an art of fortune telling which allows you to predict the future by reading the coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup: known as caffeomanzia (coffee reading).

The coffee grounds reader uses a traditional Turkish coffee (link to article), prepared by boiling the water and then pouring half of it into the cup with the ground coffee and a spoonful of sugar.

At this point, this mixture is brought to the boil a second time, and then a third time, adding half of the remaining water and then pouring everything into the cup. This way, after drinking the coffee, a residue remains in the bottom of the cup. 
The coffee reader then tips the cup upside down onto a plate and listens to the question from the other person, then interpreting the figures and symbols they read in the coffee grounds in order to give answers.

Anything found near the edge of the cup indicates an event that will happen soon, while what is found on the bottom of the cup indicates something that will happen further in the future. 

The Smorfia Napoletana and the numbers associated with coffee 

If you want to play the national lottery, you need to remember as many details as possible about your dream featuring coffee: every little detail can make a difference.

For example, if it was coffee with froth, you should play number 44.

Are you sure it wasn’t cream?

In that case the number you need is 23. A coffee with alcohol corresponds to number 38 if it contains rum, but number 16 if it was with a drop of cognac. Splashed coffee is number 8, and coffee with sugar, number 28. 

If you have had a dream featuring a Neapolitan coffee pot, do you remember what it was made of?

If it was made of silver, you should play number 10, but made of another metal you should play number 56.

There is even a number which represents the broken coffee pot: 18.

Have you ever dreamt about coffee?

Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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